Babezrus has been recruiting and managing adult models for more than 10 years. We are industry veterans that have been in the business for over 25 years as agents, producers and directors. We have been nominated for AVN awards many times for various movies and series.

We are excited to invite you to consider the exclusive services of Babezrus.  Our professional screening staff reviews each application for representation immediately.  Babezrus is a unique talent agency in the world of adult entertainment. 

We provide two main services:
Image management and placement. 
Collectively, our management team has over two decades of experience with a vast network of privileged connections. 

We understand how to help newcomers develop and articulate a unique persona to stand out in a very crowded industry. We do not treat our clients like random names on a call list.Because we actively produce and direct movies, we can also help clients find immediate casting opportunities. Our clients can feel comfortable and secure that we will identify potential jobs with the best fee levels and working conditions. We know that we cannot be successful unless our clients are, so we understand the need for agents and talent to be selective. 

Please apply to tell us more about yourself.  We believe we can help people with serious aspirations and drive to become true stars in this growing field.